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MTI Group Photo

Here we are: 39 adults (14 couples and 11 singles) and 15 kids.  It’s almost time to all go our separate ways.  (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

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Lifestyle Choices

We’re into our fourth–and last–week here at MTI.  These last two weeks are focused on cross-cultural transition and living.  What’s that? Here’s a list of last week’s topics: Conflict Provides Opportunities (Monday all day) (“If you are not willing to grow in … Continue reading

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Microstents, Part 2

My (Jody) second eye surgery was September 5,  just over a month ago.  Both surgeries went well and my eyes are healing well.  (Here’s my first blog about microstents and my blog about glaucoma.) A fun thing about my second surgery … Continue reading

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Ear Plugs & Wrinkles

Here at MTI in Colorado, lots of big things are going on. We’ve learned how to make lots of sounds we didn’t know existed. We’ve worked through learner-directed language learning activities. We’ve been coached in our language learning plans and … Continue reading

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