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Shoulder Surgery – The Decision

I (Jody) have had pain in my right shoulder for more than four years. Generally the pain was just with certain movements or if I slept on my right side, the kind of pain you can live with. When we … Continue reading

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Microstents, Part 2

My (Jody) second eye surgery was September 5,  just over a month ago.  Both surgeries went well and my eyes are healing well.  (Here’s my first blog about microstents and my blog about glaucoma.) A fun thing about my second surgery … Continue reading

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At my last eye appointment, my ophthalmologist told me (Jody), “I think you should have a new surgical procedure for glaucoma.  It’s cataract surgery combined with insertion of a microstent to lower your IOP” [intraocular pressure]. “Do I have cataracts?” … Continue reading

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