June 2014 Newsletter

May2014BannerSpring Highlights

  • Our Springfield house sold April 17th — Thank you for your prayers!
  • Language School: Our first trimester is done (with straight A’s!) and we’re in week 5 of our second. Our homework includes lots of conversations out in the community.
  • New Friends: Scott has taken some fun biking trips with Tico friends. (“Tico” is the common term for native Costa Ricans.) The photo above shows the beauty of the Costa Rica countryside. He also found Jody a weekly quilting class where she can hang out and practice her Spanish.
  • Nicaragua: We must leave Costa Rica every three months to renew our visas. In our March trip we visited Granada, Nicaragua. The heat, poverty, and smells took Scott back 40 years to his Peace Corps years in Ghana, West Africa. (In June–Panama!)
  • Ecuador: The date is set–August 15–and we’ve got our tickets. Getting an Ecuadorean visa is a multi-month project. Please pray that all will go smoothly.
  • Reach Beyond: Check out https://reachbeyond.org/manifesto for more information on our name change and a free book by our President.

How We Spent Our Spring Vacation


Through the missionary couple we live with, we were able to volunteer at Renacer, a ministry for teen girls rescued from prostitution and drugs.  We helped with lots of manual chores, practiced our Spanish, and were blessed by the staff and girls.

Jody with her boss, Magaly

Jody with her boss, Magaly

Jody & Magaly

Jody & Magaly

Other Spring Photos

Scott Biking

Scott enjoying beautiful Costa Rica with a Tico friend

Church Retreat

New friends at our church’s women’s retreat

Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua on our March visa renewal trip

Recent Blog Posts

Financial Suppport

A surprise pledge in March nudged us up another per cent!


Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Your prayers make a difference in so many ways: financial provision, emotional and spiritual health, and ministry opportunities. Thank you!

Scott & Jody

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  2. Bless you for the work you are doing and for the work that you are studying for.

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