I (Jody) hope this page will serve several purposes:

  • facilitate easy sharing of frequently requested recipes of mine
  • centralize my favorite recipes (so I don’t have to cart multiple cookbooks to Ecuador)
  • record and share Latin American recipes (as I learn them)

North American Recipes

6 Responses to Recipes

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  2. Sydney says:

    Jody, I prioritized a project before moving here – I took pictures of all recipes in any cookbook I wanted to remember. If you don’t have time to log them all here before moving, it’s a project that actually didn’t take a lot of time! I’m so glad I did it; I’ve already referenced them several times. 🙂

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  4. Philip Jaster says:

    I will second the Photograph concept, it has helped in many saving documents issues, I now work on an iPad, primarily, and can transfer photo’s to my PC, but not ~all documents~ !!!

    May our LORD Bless your venture forward,

    Servant to Jesus Christ

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