Christmas 2021

This is our Norfolk Pine which has been our living Christmas tree since our first Christmas here in 2014.

Here it is in 2014!

Little did we know when Scott carried it home under his arm that one day it would be almost touching our ceiling.

It may be that, like our Christmas tree, you can see growth in your life the last year or so. Or maybe you are thankful just to have survived a very hard season. Whatever your circumstances, may you know that Jesus, the baby in the manger and our savior, is walking beside you with comfort, strength, guidance, and love.

Merry Christmas 2021 and a very blessed New Year,

Scott & Jody

About scottandjody

Scott and Jody have been married for 44 years and have six adult children and four grandchildren. Scott worked as a CPA for over 32 years and Jody was a homeschooling mom. They have been serving as missionaries in Quito, Ecuador since 2014.
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2 Responses to Christmas 2021

  1. BRUCE & YOLI MONROE says:

    Thank you, Jody & Scott. Merry Christmas!Bruce

  2. pat a dille says:

    Merry Christmas! May you sense His joy and presence on Christmas.

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