Fall 2013 Newsletter

How can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard?  (Romans 10:14)

November, 2013

We have a departure date!  New Year’s Day we fly to San José, Costa Rica to begin Spanish language school.  Sometime in 2014 (when we are proficient in Spanish) we’ll go directly to Quito, Ecuador to begin our service.

On September 23 we began our first three-year term with HCJB Global.  We spent the morning at the Ministry Service Center in Colorado Springs.  The staff prayed for us in chapel and commissioned us; it was a simple and very significant time.

That afternoon we started our four weeks at MTI (Mission Training International).  It was an incredible time with 39 soon-to-be missionaries (14 couples and 11 singles) plus 15 kids.  We lived in community together, learning and playing and building friendships.

MTI’s program addresses many of the issues which limit missionaries’ effectiveness and longevity in another culture.  (Check out our blog posts or MTI.org for more information.)  Preparing us so we can adapt and thrive in our new culture is tremendously wise, given how much time, money, and work it takes to get us to the field!

We are very grateful for all of you who are praying and sacrificially giving so we can be trained and ready for our service.  Our start-up expenses are 100% funded – thank you!

Our MTI Group Photo (Can you find us?)

MTI Group photo

From 22 different mission organizations, we’ll soon be serving in:

  • Latin America (Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador)
  • Europe (Czech Republic, Albania, Ukraine)
  • Middle East/Central Asia (two unspecified locations)
  • Africa (Niger, Nigeria, Kenya, South Sudan, Swaziland)
  • Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan)

How can you help?

  • Pray for our Springfield house to sell!
  • We need someone(s) to mail our newsletters.  Could that be you?  Email us for details.

Our Support Progress

  • Minimum Monthly Support is 98% funded (what we have to have pledged to leave the country)
  • Recommended Monthly Support is 75% funded (what HCJB Global recommends we have)
  • Start-up expenses are 100% funded (yea, God!)

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