March 2015 Newsletter (Mobile Device Version)


So what’s it like living and working in Quito?  Some things are similar to the U.S.; other things are much different. We go to work during the week, have “free” time most evenings, fit in exercise and go exploring on the weekends, and savor the uniqueness of where we’re living.  Grocery shopping, cooking, laundry, church, and Bible studies are part of our weekly routine.

What’s Different?

  • Speaking Spanish
  • Co-workers from many nations
  • Walking (or riding a unicycle) to work
  • Ecuadorean downstairs neighbors
  • Living behind tall walls (with an electric fence at the top)
  • Two flights of stairs and four locks to enter our apartment
  • Hoping the water in the shower is going to be hot
  • Saying, “Buenos días,” to the security guards
  • Wondering how that lady can walk in those high heels
  • Trying to remember how to pronounce that word we just heard
  • Not knowing when the next bus will come or where that other bus goes
  • Dreading to answer the phone (it might be someone who only speaks Spanish)
  • Trying to figure out where we can buy that thing we need
  • Enjoying flowers no matter what season it is
  • Lots of people shorter than Jody
  • And…did we mention Spanish?

The challenge–wherever we are–is to let God upset our routine, to keep asking, “What do you want us to learn or do today, Lord?  Who will you touch with your love?”

Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, and financial support.

Scott & Jody

Our Co-workers


They come from Northern Ireland, Wales, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Cuba, Peru, Ecuador, and Argentina.

At Work

Jody at her desk Scott at his desk

Can you spot the unicycle and the quilt?

The View from our Bedroom Balcony


Antisana, elevation 18,714, one of two snow-capped volcanos we can see from our balcony when it’s clear (once or twice a month)

How Can You Pray for Us?

  • Thank God for our new home and many other blessings.
  • Pray for our family: for protection, guidance, and wisdom.
  • Pray that we will hear and obey God’s leading.

Financial Support

God is providing!


On the Blog

Mindo: the Beauty and the Itch  (A Weekend Trip…and Chiggers too!)

2 Responses to March 2015 Newsletter (Mobile Device Version)

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  2. Elaine Dotson says:

    Your office looks almost like the one you had at Jones & Roth. Mom and Dad are doing well. Dad is starting to slow down and they don’t go very far from home. Mom is Dad’s primary care giver and takes excellent care of all his needs. Please pray from them both; Mom for the strength to continue caring for Dad and Dad for the strength to keep going. I am still working from home and I love it. My boss and his brother are both Christians and I feel truly blessed that God put them both in my life. God bless you both in your work.

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