Spring 2013 Newsletter

Your ears will hear a word behind you,
“This is the way, walk in it,”
whenever you turn to the right or to the left.
(Isaiah 30:21)

June, 2013

Great News!

We now have pledges for 87% of our monthly support and donations for 85% of our start-up expenses.  We are very thankful for how God is working.  Thank you for your prayers and donations.

Our next step is four weeks of cross-cultural training in Colorado Springs with Missionary Training International (MTI).  Reaching 80% allowed us to register for the next available session, which is in January, 2014.  But, should a cancellation occur, we might get to go this July, August, September, or October.

How Can You Pray?

  • That God will open up an earlier MTI spot.

We would like to go in July or August so we can begin Spanish language school in Costa Rica in September.  However, the more important prayer is that God will work out His perfect timing.

  • For the final stage of our support raising.  We need:
    • $372/month more in pledges to reach our minimum required ongoing support and
    • $6,400 more in donations for our one-time start-up expenses.
  • Ask God if He would have you join our financial support team.

If He has been prompting you to participate, now would be a good time!

  • For our final preparations, especially selling our Springfield house.

Living Life on the Edge

Will we leave in one month or seven months?  Should we try to live with a Spanish-speaking family here in Oregon to get a jump-start on our language training?  How do we plan with such uncertainty? 

One of our recent blog posts (Chasing the Wild Goose) talked about how uncomfortable circumstantial uncertainty is for us.  But it has another name – adventure!

Your life probably has some circumstantial uncertainly too.  Join us in trusting that God has a plan for this adventure and will be with us each step of the way.

Spotlight on HCJB Global Ministries

Shell Hospital March 2000

Hospital Vozandes Del Oriente (HVO) opened in 1958 as the first hospital in the eastern region of Ecuador.  The jungle hospital was the dream of Nate Saint, one of five missionaries murdered in the Ecuadorian jungle in 1956 by the Waorani tribe.

hvo0073h-nurse with quichua woman

It provides a full range of family medicine, including obstetrics, pediatrics, and ophthalmology.  Every year it serves approximately 7,000 emergency patients, 18,000 outpatients, and 1,200 inpatients, and performs 600 major surgeries.

With an emphasis on tropical medicine, HVO is a valuable training hospital for Ecuadorean doctors and also provides preventative health and sanitation services and potable water projects through community health programs to surrounding jungle communities.

Our Support-Raising Progress


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Contact Us

Phone 541-359-7633
jarnold@hcjb.org (Jody’s email)
sarnold@hcjb.org (Scott’s email)
Donate on-line or mail check to:
   HCJB Global
   PO Box 39800
   Colorado Springs, CO  80949-9800
Make check payable to “HCJB Global” and note Acct # 110563 on Memo line.

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