June 2015 Newsletter – Mobile Device Version


A highlight this spring was a three-week visit by our youngest son, Simon.  We enjoyed hanging out, showing him around Quito, introducing him to our co-workers, and visiting some special places in Ecuador.


Sometimes people ask us, “What’s the hardest part of being a missionary?”  Along with distance from loved ones, struggling with Spanish, and the transience of missionary life, we sometimes mention the difficulty of having other people affected by our choices.

Simon is an example of this.  Unlike his siblings, who are married and employed, he’s single and in college.  Our coming to Ecuador took away his “normal” home, i.e., a home with two parents where he can stay during holidays and vacations.  He is tremendously supportive of our being here, but he is paying part of the cost of our decision.

God has answered this concern in two ways.  First, he’s provided substitute families for Simon, incredibly generous people who have welcomed him into their homes.  And second, after 1-1/2 years of trying, Simon was able to visit us.  Despite the distance, we’re still his parents and his safety net.  He now knows where we are, what our lives are like, and how we’re doing.  This is a gracious gift from God to him and us.

It’s easy to be afraid and worried about the results of our following Jesus, maybe more so for others than ourselves.  But God is trustworthy and faithful.  He will always be with us wherever we go, and He has been preparing to provide for those we leave behind.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support!

Scott & Jody

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Ministry Focus:  Emergency Medical Response Teams

2.5.15 Team pic edited

Just a few days after Nepal was struck with a 7.8 earthquake in April, a team of four Reach Beyond missionaries flew to Nepal to assess how we could help.  The team, which included a nurse, a radio engineer, a water systems engineer, and a short term teams leader, recommended that our efforts focus on Harmi, a remote Himalayan community about ten miles from the epicenter.

Since 2010 Reach Beyond has helped our Harmi partners start a community radio station, build a hydroelectric plant, and construct a birthing center.

2.5.15 damaged house

2.5.15 house

The devastation in Harmi was massive: 95% of the buildings were destroyed.  Monsoon season is coming and Reach Beyond is raising funds to provide temporary shelters.  Reconstruction efforts are being planned according to the priorities of the community.

More information can be found here and a short video is here..

Praying for Us

Thanks for:

  • Simon’s good visit
  • God’s provision for Simon (and us)


  • For Reach Beyond’s efforts in Nepal
  • For our faith and obedience here


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