June 2016 Newsletter

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What did Ecuador’s 7.8 earthquake on April 16 feel like from 100 miles away? Long! It just kept going and going for around a minute and it shook the whole country (Ecuador is the same size as Oregon). Near the epicenter on the coast, a wide swath of villages and cities were devastated. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people are living in temporary shelters.

Teams 1 & 2

The photo above is of the first two disaster relief teams Reach Beyond sent to the earthquake zone. These teams (and a subsequent team) have included doctors, counselors, engineers, and pastors who provided immediate help. We are also planning for long-term help in partnership with churches and communities.

Please pray for the thousands of people affected by the quake; pray for comfort, help, courage, and faith. Pray also for wisdom for Reach Beyond and other organizations, that our help will promote restoration, recovery, and self-sufficiency. A missionary who led two of the relief teams commented:

“The challenge between giving enough help, food, water and clothing in a disaster relief and the moment to reduce and draw back such support is not easy. Where is this point to stop or continue for the military to drive to remote villages several times a week and hand out supplies for free? People will continue to sit at the street to open their hands for free food as long as it comes. How to encourage them to start taking on a job, taking care for their crops, the livestock, continuing to produce…”

Thank you for your prayers for Ecuador and for us, and for helping us serve here.

Scott & Jody

Ministry Focus:  Disaster Relief Teams

Team #2

Team #2

Team #3

Team #3

Steve #5

Outdoor Clinic

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Hermann & kids

Hermann & Kids

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Scott and Jody have been married for 44 years and have six adult children and four grandchildren. Scott worked as a CPA for over 32 years and Jody was a homeschooling mom. They have been serving as missionaries in Quito, Ecuador since 2014.
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2 Responses to June 2016 Newsletter

  1. Bruce Monroe says:

    Waht precious children! Our family is praying for you as you mnister to the quake victims.

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