December 2014 Newsletter


2014 has been a wild ride…

Language school in Costa Rica, Scott’s broken bone in his foot in July, FINALLY getting to Ecuador August 15, and Hope & Max’s wedding in September.  God has been very faithful.

What’s next?

Settling in and tackling new things:  language, country, city, jobs, church, and culture.  Mostly it’s exciting, although occasionally it is overwhelming.

How’s work?

Challenging but good.  Not only is Scott trying to learn how Reach Beyond’s accounting systems work but he has to do it in Spanish.  Jody works part-time in Missionary Personnel and has tutoring two days a week.  Our skills and experience are valuable and appreciated here.

How’s Quito?

Big!  Or at least bigger than we’re used to.  It’s crowded, interesting, fun, and beautiful.

Have you found a church?

Yes!  Our church has great worship, substantive teaching, and friendly people.  Our first Sunday, the lady sitting next to Jody invited us to her home cell group, which we are enjoying.

How’s Spanish coming?

We are getting better “poco a poco” (the sermons are easier to understand, so we must be improving!).  We try to look at how far we’ve come and not how far we still have to go.

2014 Highlights

The newlyweds Max & Hope

Hope & Max’s Wedding

Beautiful Costa Rica

Beautiful Costa Rica

Standing on the Ecuator

Standing on the Equator

The top floor is our new home!

The top floor is our new home!

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Financial Support


Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and contributions.  Fifty-six supporters are contributing to Reach Beyond regularly on our behalf and several others are making periodic donations.

Click here if you’d like to make a special gift.  Every bit helps!

And a final note…

John 1:14 (The Message) says:  “The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.”  Part of being the hands and voice of Jesus wherever we are is moving into the neighborhood:  greeting people, commuting to work on a unicycle, going to Bible studies, and making friends.  We are honored to move into this neighborhood.

Scott & Jody 

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