March 2014 Newsletter


Why are you in Costa Rica?  I thought you were going to Ecuador….?

We’re attending the Spanish Language Institute (ILE) in San Francisco de Dos Rios, one of the districts of San José canton in Costa Rica’s central valley.  Our mornings are filled with classes (phonetics, conversation, and grammar) and our afternoons with homework and conversation practice.  “Intense” and “focused” describe our days.

We’re living with a Costa Rican couple who bless us with wonderful meals and patient Spanish conversation.  Our neighborhood has parks, trees, flowers, and busy city life.  ILE is about a ¾ mile walk away, and the weather has been like early summer in Oregon (60-80 degrees Fahrenheit with mixed sun and clouds).

We plan to leave ILE in August 2014 and then we’ll finally be in Ecuador!

How can we pray for you?

Thank God:

  • for our Costa Rican teachers and family
  • for our good health

Ask God:

  • to watch over our family in Oregon
  • to remind us to look to him when we are frustrated, discouraged, or homesick
  • for persistance and courage in learning Spanish and the Latin American culture
  • to help Jody find some (female) conversation partners
  • to sell our Springfield house

Thank you for your prayers, financial donations, and encouraging comments.  God is blessing us through you!


HCJB Global has changed its name to Reach Beyond, representing our commitment to “reach beyond” our comfort zone to the unreached around the world.  Our recent blog, “What’s in a Name?” discusses the change more thoroughly.

We have new email addresses which reflect the name change: (Scott) and (Jody).

Those of you who donate via automatic electronic payments don’t need to make any changes but will notice the name change on your bank statements.  Those who write checks and mail them to Reach Beyond should make them payable to “Reach Beyond,” note our same account number in the memo line (#110563) and mail to:

Reach Beyond
PO Box 39800
Colorado Springs, CO  80949-9800
ILE sign

ILE sign, with the ever-present razor wire on top of the fence

ILE front gate

ILE’s front gate

Scotts grammar class

Scott’s grammar class

view from ILE

The view from ILE of the Costa Rican mountains

News Flash!

We have a place to live when we reach Ecuador!  We’ll be housesitting for other Reach Beyond missionaries in their apartment until early January 2015.  It sounds like a lovely place, and we’re thankful for a chance to get used to life in Quito before setting up our own home.

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  2. Robert Phillips says:

    All my love, may the peace of God consume you!

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